Sunday, 22 December 2013

How I Got Hit By Urinary Tract Infections Three Times

You might say that UTI infection symptoms are my worse nightmare, my enemy number one if you will. I had three battles against urinary infections.

The first one happened when my wife got pregnant.Urinary tract infection in pregnancy is even harder for a woman to handle because of the fact that you are responsible for another human being too, not just yourself. And your treatment is limited to the medications that do not jeopardize the fetus. Also, the infection can be potentially dangerous for the baby and some research show that if the mother had an urinary tract infection in pregnancy then the fetus is more prone to a baby urinary tract infection. 
The second one hit my son when he was six months old. The urinary tract infection symptoms in children are different than the symptoms of urinary tract infection in women. The most obvious one is high fever, but there are some other tell tale signs such as vomiting, decreased appetite, even blood in urine. It's treated with the antibiotics, but in some cases there must be some additional home remedies to assist them. There may also be necessary to conduct some tests, which may be uncomfortable and include radiation, not really dangerous but rather stressful. 
And eventually I got myself one, so I don't stand out. Urinary tract infection in males are pretty straightforward to notice and I had enough experience to recognize and treat it so, after all the trouble we went through, my infection was a walk in the park.
Now, I don't want to pretend I'm a doctor, but if someone can benefit from my experience, I'll be happy. It can save you a lot of research and waiting for the doctor's appointments to see what your trouble is. So if you need some more information, just keep on reading.


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