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I don't have an idea what to cook for my baby

Your baby has stopped her bottlefeeding and now it’s time to have a proper meal.And the eternal question comes up: what’s for lunch?

When your baby hits her fifth month it’s time to start some solid food. In the beginning it’s just some milk cereal pap. But as the time passes, by the end of the first year she’ll be eating vegetables, meat, fish, cow milk and a small amount of egg. You need to know what to eat, when it’s safe to eat a particular type of food, and how much she can eat
Do not add sugar to your fruit. It is best to boil it before you give it to your baby, to get it to be softer and to kill germs. Later on, when she gets her teeth and her immunity becomes more powerful, you can stop this and just feed it to your kid fresh. Don’t use pineapples and berries before the first birthday
 Cooking vegetables destroys a lot of vitamins in it, but it makes it easier to digest, so you can start it early. Steaming does the least damage, and if you can get it into a juicer first it would be the best to use it right away because the juice can’t last too long in the open air. Frozen vegetables are almost as nutritive as the fresh. 
Butter and margarine 
Butter contains vitamin A and margarine doesn't. But you can buy some margarine with artificially added vitamins.
Eggs are rich in vitamins but difficult to digest and can cause allergies, so proceed with care. 
Meat has got to be fresh, do not keep it in the refrigerator longer than one day. Boil it long enough to kill all the germs. Turkey and poultry are easier to digest so they are perfect to start with. On the other hand, pork and beef are less nutritive and difficult to digest. It contains iron, phosphor, amino acids which are necessary to maintain the healthy life span of cells. 
Salt and Sugar 
Do not use salt in the first year. It can disturb the kidney functions and damage the teeth. 
Pepper can cause colic and gasses. However, caraway reduces gasses and colics. 
Don’t use onion and garlic.

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