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What can I play with my kid if he/she is too young

When they can't speak or walk you have a really tight range of opportunities to play with your baby.

You really want to play with your kid but he's not showing any interest for your efforts. He's too young to play any games you know and all the advice you get just isn't good enough.
Here is what you can try:

  • Stick your tongue out. This is one cool exercise for your baby. It's funny and it develops the ability to pronounce some difficult consonants at a latter phase. Just show him your tongue and wait for him to try to do the same. You may wait for a while but I assure you, every baby does it eventually.
  • With your newborn baby you can play a simple game - say her name to her left ear and wait for her to turn her head to you. Then do the same to her right ear. Keep your eye contact when she turns. 
  • Peek A Boo - most children love it. Hide yourself under the bed-sheet, when you show up smile and say "here I am". When your kid gets older let him try to hide, he'll find it hilarious. 
  • Change your voice while you sing, from deep baritone to squealing mouse. Your baby may even try to do the same if you're lucky. 
  • Chase - Let her sit on the bed, then pretend you are coming for her. Approach slowly in the beginning, then faster and faster until you come to her and then say "gotcha". She will scream with delight.

  • Aeroplane - You know what to do. Hold your baby as if he's an aeroplane. Fly all over your place and then land safely to the soft bed.
  • Let him play with spoons, new shoes, duck tape, metal cups, anything really. Just try to guess what he might be interested in. 
  • Trying to walk will be more fun if you can kick a ball while you learn. Just prepare your back for some endurance testing. 
  • Bathing can also turn into a party with a lot of toys inside your bath. 
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