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Teething limbo and how to find an exit.

One of the most upsetting things about having a baby is dealing with her teething. If you want to know what to expect read this article.

When your baby’s first teeth emerge, they tear the gums and this causes itching, pain and irritation. This makes a child cry, refuse to eat and sleep less than usual. Some children get a low grade fever and the others don’t. The newest researches show that even a bit higher fever (about 101) can be caused by teething. But don't rely too much on it and call your doctor if you notice your kid has got high fever.
Not all kids act the same way. One child can react severely and have a high fever for days, refuse to eat and sleep. The other may not even notice a new tooth before the regular checkup. If a child starts getting new teeth later, after her first birthday or even later, her gums may harden, making it more difficult for the teeth to protrude.
How to recognize the teething?
  • -          Biting. Your kid bites everything she can get, including you.
  • -          Crying and irritation.
  • -          Drooling excessively.
  • -          Sucking the finger more than usually.
  • -          Asking for a pacifier.
  • -          High temperature
  • .          Red cheeks 

What to do to make the teething easier?
You can try some of these methods to relieve the discomfort your kid feels while teething
  1. -          Teething gels with anesthetic. This is specially adapted for the babies so you don’t have to worry. I used Calgel  
  2. -          Biting toys designed to scratch a particular set of teeth.
  3. -          Scratch your kid’s teeth yourself, using a patch you can buy at the pharmacy that you put on your finger.
  4. -          The temperature decreasing syrup. Apart from controlling the fever, it also contains the chemicals which relieve the pain which can give your child a break.
  5. -          Cold chewing rubber . You can buy this if you click on the link. It is usually kept in the fridge before the use but be careful not to make it too cold.
  6.        Use the gel for softening the gums. This will not help instantly but it will make the process less difficult.
  7.        If she's older you can let her have some lemon juice, salty crackers or a crust of bread. 
  8. -          Use different strategies to distract your kid from feeling the pain. Play with them, watch her favorite cartoon (not for too long though), drive in your car around the block or anything else that may come to your mind.
  9. -          Make sure she drinks plenty of liquid to rehydrate. Drooling can cause a mild dehydration, which can not hurt the baby as much, but it can cause additional nervousness.

If the symptoms tend to be too grave, seek professional help. The tooth may get crooked or moving in the wrong direction. Your MD will know how to react and see if there are any other problems apart from teething.

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