Sunday, 26 January 2014

Help! My baby just won't stop crying!

There can be several reasons why your baby can’t stop crying. Take a look at this list and see if you’ll find your problem is on it.

She’s hungry. When our baby came from the hospital labor ward it was a whole new experience. It started off great, sleeping and taking a poo the whole day. But in the evening the crying started. We tried everything and after two hours I decided to call the ER. A lady who answered asked me if the baby was breastfed. I said yes, and she told me that she was probably hungry. Actually, only a few women have enough mother’s milk immediately after childbirth to satisfy her baby’s needs. So I ran out and got some formula, and my baby stopped crying and fell asleep as soon as she finished the bottle.

Colic.  No one actually knows what causes colic. Some say it happens due to the baby’s immature digestive tract, some it’s caused by gasses. That is why there is no cure for it. It usually happens after two weeks and may last anywhere from two days to three weeks. You will notice your baby’s crying for no apparent reason, raising her knees to her tummy. All you can do is to try and ease the tummy pain. You can do this using drops  which reduce gasses, "gripe water", keeping her tummy warm with a stomach heater. If you are breastfeeding, avoid coffee and spicy food. A warm bath can also help.

A diaper rash. You may notice a rash in the area covered by diapers. This irritates your baby and makes her cranky. It is caused by rubbing the diapers against the skin, candida infection, allergy, or the acid from the poo and urine. Your doctor will prescribe the necessary ointment which will make it go away pretty soon.

Tired, but can’t sleep. Your baby may have too much fun during the day and refuses to stop partying later on. Even when she’s asleep she wakes up often because she’s dreaming about the events of the previous day. The simple advice would be, don’t push it. It may be too much for the baby if you try to entertain her all the time. Also too much television or too many people may get her to be too excited.

Anyway, it is always the best to see the doctor if things get too suspicious. And you will always feel if there is something wrong.

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