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Urinary infection home remedies

Antibiotics are the medicines that cure urinary infections. However, you may need some home remedies for urine infection to ensure it won’t return.

There are a lot of substances claiming to be a remedy for uti. I can guarantee only for the ones I used, and only as far as my kid is concerned. They may not be effective for everyone.

Cranberry juice for uti       

After my son’s ninth infection we started using cranberry juice for his urinary tract infection. He had already taken a ton of various antibiotics, which did help him instantaneously. But the darn thing just kept coming back. Besides that, the antibiotics started messing with his immune system. We used dried cranberry (you can get some here ), which poured hot water and left it be for ten minutes. Then we mixed it into a fruit salad (bananas, apple, pineapple, oranges or whatever you’ve got in your kitchen).
In addition, we let him drink cranberry juice whenever he felt like it. But fruit salad for breakfast was mandatory.

Cranberry juice and urinary tract infections facts

It creates an acid environment in the urine

As it often happens, life can deny science. I think it helped my kid, so it may as well help yours. Cranberry juice and dried cranberry have no side effects except for diarrhea, which can be caused by excessive use of those ingredients.

 If you have a child affected by a UTI, you should let him drink as much water as he can. Water stimulates urination, flushing the bacteria away. It would be the best if you can find a bottled water with high alkalinity (pH 8 or more) - ideal for establishing body's pH balance, low content of soluble minerals, especially sodium.

Oregano Tea
When your child is a bit older, after his third birthday, you may start him with oregano tea or concentrated oregano drops. They act similar to the cranberry juice, but a little faster.
You should avoid sweets, as well as sweet juices. They are a great source of food to the bacteria and they get the urine to become sweeter with lower pH factor.
Also avoid taking long bubbly baths. They can be an excellent source of bacteria which can easily enter your child’s body through water. Use fun showers instead.

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