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Urinary tract infection symptoms in children

Isn’t it hard to wait for the results or the doctor’s appointment to find out what’s wrong with your kid? Here is how you can recognize UTI a bit sooner.

Your child behaves oddly, his temperature is high but he doesn’t have a runny nose or any other signs of cold or flu. Here are some of symptoms of urinary tract infection you may notice.

  • High temperature (38.5 or higher)
  • Drowsiness or lack of sleep,
  • Less activity, sadness
  • Older kids may complain about the pain when urinating
Of course, the best thing is to consult a doctor. They will run some test to determine what is wrong with your kid. There are several methods to find that out. The fastest one is a blood test, which can show whether he has a viral or bacterial infection. In case of viral infection you can do nothing but relieve the symptoms (high temperature or dehydration). But if it’s a bacterial infection, your child may have to use some antibiotics. They kill the bacteria but they may significantly reduce the immune system strength, so doctors may be reluctant to use them too often.
Your doctor may decide to check your child’s urine. This is done by acquiring a urine sample, which can be difficult if the baby is still unable to urinate willingly. Parents sometimes use urine bags, plastic containers which can be placed on his or her genitals and left there until he or she pees.
This test is performed by a lab technician, who evaluates the sample by viewing and counting the particles present inside. If there are any bacteria they will notice it and report their presence. The report will also contain leukocyte count which also indicates urinary tract infection.
In case the test proved bacteria in urine, you will have to know what type of bacteria is causing the infection. That is done by another test, urine culture. It shows you the count and type of bacteria, but it usually takes two or three days to complete.  It’s also taken from a urine sample.
The most common type is Escherichia collie. It’s a persistent type of bacteria and has to be thoroughly dealt with.
In the meantime there are ways of telling if your kid has a urinary tract infection.

What are the symptoms of uti you can detect early?

  1. If the urine sample is mushy, cloudy, it is quite strong indication of a UTI.
  2. If your child’s urine has a bad odor, like poo, this can also mean that your kid has been infected.
  3. Vomiting can sometimes indicate a great number of bacteria, but it can also come as a result of high fever.
  4. In some cases there may be some blood streaks in the diaper.
Your MD will decide what the next step will be, but these guidelines may help you through the hard times.

Resources: Webmd, Medicinenet and own experience

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