Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to boost your kid's appetite

Do you think your kid is not much of an eater? Or you wish you didn’t have such a hard time making her eat anything at all, being afraid she’ll starve?

Think again. Every kid does have a different kind of appetite, but there are some things you can do to let them eat healthy and easily.
  • Lose the bottle. Is your toddler still having her good night or good morning bottle? This may cause her to eat less solids. Any kid older than one and a half shouldn’t have more than one glass of milk a day. Glass is an operative word. Let her drink from a glass, not the bottle. Bottle causes caries and although it is easier to drink from a bottle, in the long run it will make it easier for you and her.  That’s at least what our ped has told us, and it worked quite well.
  • Lose the snacks. Taking food in between the meals can really ruin your child’s good eating habits. Having good eating habits means eating regularly and eating healthy food. Let your kid eat always at approximately the same time. The time between the meals depends on your kid’s natural eating timing and it is up to you to find out what it is. It can go anywhere from three to six hours. Having a healthy diet means that your child eats different kinds of food as you could see in the food pyramid which introduces this text.
  • Make the experience enjoyable. Let your kid play with her favorite toy. It doesn’t really matter if she doesn’t have good table manners, after all, she isn’t eating at the table but in her high eating chair. Turn the TV on. I know that I said TV reduces speaking abilities, but twenty minutes she spends watching a cartoon while eating won’t harm her that much. You can also play some of her favorite songs, as long as it isn’t something she can dance to. You don’t want the food flying around in the rhythm of “The hole in the middle of the sea”.
  • Let her eat on her own. Yes, it can be messy and she may finish the meal hungry because she’ll place the most of the food right next to her mouth but it doesn’t matter. For toddlers, it’s a lot of fun eating on their own. Soon you won’t have to clean up the whole room after her meal and she’ll be full and satisfied. And you’ll have one task less to do – feeding your child.
  • If she doesn’t like how some food tastes – there is a solution to that too. Dip it into something she likes. For example, if she doesn’t like carrots dip it into her favorite strawberry juice or sour cream.
  • Arrange the food in an unusual manner. You can make a face out of eggs and carrots, hills from the mash potato, snowy winter day from rice and cereals. As long as it’s fun, it’s attractive for your child and easier to be eaten.
  • Try to set an example. A lot of kids copy their parents. They want to taste some grown up’s food. So let them. Let your kid eat with you. This can even make you eat healthier. 

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