Tuesday, 18 February 2014

More games to play with your baby

When they can't speak or walk you have a really tight range of opportunities to play with your baby. Here is the second part of my suggestions.

  • Find some ribbons, aluminum foil, wrapping paper, clean socks, paper clips, Christmas decorations and other things you can think of. The only rule is it has to be safe and interesting. By interesting, I mean colorful, making sounds or are soft to touch. Hang them on a coat hanger above the baby’s head.  Let the baby play with them. This will be far more interesting than the usual boring baby mobile and introduces them to the world of shapes and colors they can find in their environment, not in a toy shop.
  • Babies love bubbles. You can find bubble baths for safe use in water when bathing or just blow bubbles and let your baby watch them float. As they grow, they’ll learn to burst the bubbles and the fun will be even greater.
  • Find a feather and tickle your kid’s arms or legs or nose, naming the parts of the body you are tickling. She’ll hear the new words and have fun at the same time too.
  • Make some noise with a rattle. Move it out of her sight and watch as she moves her head to hear the rattling. Reward her with some cuddling when she finds the source of the sound. Change the rattle to keep the mystery going.

  • Remove the lid off the pudding or yogurt cup. Put the foil lining over it and let your baby put her finger through the hole you made on it. Make sure the edge is safe to touch. Learning to control the muscles of the fingers is very important for your baby’s development.
  • Make a tether-ball using a tennis ball and a string. Hang it on a shelf or something else an inch or two above the baby’s head. Let her bat the ball using her hand. Make sure the process goes on safely.
  • Sing a song which ends with tickling. After a while your baby will start to giggle and squeal with joy  right before the end of the song, expecting the tickling.
  • Use some old gloves or real finger puppets to make a puppet show for your baby. It will help her boost her imagination as you place the finger-heroes in different situations.
  • Get a few things with different weight. Tie them with a string and let your baby throw it from her high chair. She will probably do it gladly, but making her pull it back will be a bit more difficult.
  •  Use the cereal boxes, toys or lego bricks to make  a tower. Then let your baby tear it down. It is a lot of fun and eventually leads to making the tower herself. 
  • Turn off all the lights in the room. Using a flashlight point to different objects and name them. Your baby will be thrilled to see the things she usually doesn’t pay attention to, like an air conditioner or a bookshelf. It’s both fun and useful.


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