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When can you take a newborn baby outside?


The big day is behind you and the fears and the pain of the childbirth is over. Now it’s time to show your newborn to the world

And the world to your newborn. When the baby is born into this world, her body temperature isn’t regulated as well as the adult’s. As she grows older her adjustment to the temperature will become better.  The same goes for her immune system. It is still underdeveloped because she’s used her mom’s immune system until recently.

That is why it’s extremely important to dress adequately. If it’s hot, wear light clothes. And use a parasol attached to your stroller to protect the baby from the sun. Make sure there is enough space in the stroller to turn. But be careful, although she is still little, you’ll be surprised how sudden her ability to move appears. So fasten her safety belts and don’t worry.

My boy was only four months when he almost fell out of the stroller. Until then he barely moved. I didn’t expect it but you should.

If it’s cold, make sure that she’s worm enough. Cover her with a blanket if necessary and check her diapers every now and then to make sure that she’s not wet. A wet diaper can cause a cold, so change it if you find out she’s peed.

Make sure you know how to use a stroller. You don’t want to spend your first walk figuring out how to use the safety belt or the breaks. It would be better if you tried it out first by yourself.

The walk will probably be a lot of fun, but it shouldn’t take too long. Ten to fifteen minutes and head back home. Then you gradually add some time to it. You don’t want her to get too excited, because it can mess with her sleeping schedule.

Also be careful not to sit her up if she’s younger than six months. Her hips aren’t developed enough, at least that is what our doctor said. And avoid baby carrier until then for the same reason.

So what is the right time to go out?

You can head to the porch and your yard the very same day you get home. As long as you stay there for five or ten minutes you are fine. But if you want to go for a longer walk, it would be best to wait until the baby is at least six weeks old.

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