Friday, 16 May 2014

Tricks for more fun and less stress

Homemade detangler saves money and gets the knots out

I bought a bottle of brand-name detangler a long time ago, but have been refilling the bottle with 1/2 regular conditioner and 1/2 water ever since then.  It works really well!

Keep an empty soda bottle in the car for little boy pee emergencies

Use a rope to swing your kid easily as you do something else

Make a slide out of your stairways using some old cardboard boxes

Hairspray removes temporary tattoos

Stretch rubber band "grips" around slippery shampoo bottles

Use a laundry basket as a hotel bath barrier

Use glow stick bracelets as nightlights

Turn a crib sheet into a non-kickable toddler blanket

Take a crib sheet and cut the elastic away except for the two corners on the ends. Tuck those corners under the mattress and let the rest of the sheet cover her. She can't kick it off as easily and it is lighter-weight than her blanket, so she stays warm

Old tube socks protect exposed wrists from snow

Stash extra pacifiers in crib pockets so you don't have to wander at night 


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