Thursday, 2 October 2014

A comprehensive guide to concisework potty training

Concisework potty training is a system of carefully picked methods to be used when you try to get your child to use potty. It's been used by parents in France and Finland for the past seven years with tremendous success. 

Importance of potty training

There are usually two types of parents when it comes to potty training - over relaxed and over-stressed.
Over relaxed parents tend to just wait and hope the matter will solve on its own. They may say: "Well, he can't go on and wear nappies all his life. I haven't seen any seven year-olds wearing diapers so it'll all be fine without me doing anything."
This is, of course, wrong. As wrong as it gets. There are several risks involved in prolonged diaper wearing. Rashes, colds, infections, to name just a few of them. There are some developmental setbacks involved too.
Then, you may think : "Let's go, let's do it as soon as possible!". Wrong again. If you hurry it too much you risk getting your kid wet too often and for too long. It also greatly improves the chances of going back to wetting panties once he stops it. There is also a lot of stress on the child if you force him to do something he is still not completely able to do.

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