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Before the P day

Before the P day

On Potty day you will lose all the diapers. Make a big deal out of taking the unused diapers (but not all of them for you will need them during the night for a while) to the trash bin. Let your kid throw them away and celebrate the moment with dancing a little jig and laughing a lot.
But before this day it's important to prepare the ground. Talk a lot about who goes to the bathroom and who does their thing in the nature. Make an example of elder brothers, sisters or cousins. If no one is around try watching some of the videos we'll suggest further along the method.
Go shopping with your child. Take your kid to buy some undies, at least thirty of them for they will get soiled during the first couple of days and you have to be prepared. Also, let him choose the potty, preferably the singing one (when the fluid contacts the surface of the potty, the music starts).
Go shopping on your own. Buy half a dozen of your favorite toys. For instance, if he's into Thomas The Tank Engine, buy some of those engines he doesn't already have. They will be used in "the Bribery" part of the method.

All is fair in love, war and potty training

You've probably been told that bribing your child into doing something won't end up well. Sure, it can lead to him expecting you to reward every little thing that he does well, but this one is different. It's not little thing, it's HUGE. Remember, you'll make a really big deal of every success he has, even if it means making a scene in public lavatory. Think about it this way, if someone offered you a magic wand for 39.99 which will make your potty training a lot easier, wouldn't you jump in and buy it right away? I'm sure a vast majority of parents would do this in a heartbeat. 
So every time number two lands into the potty, Thomas puffs into the room. Don't you think this would mean a lot to any child? Can you imagine a greater stimulation? Of course, you'll need to find out what YOUR kid really likes, as they all have a different favorite. 

Another blasphemy, let them watch cartoons for an hour if it means they'll sit on the potty that long. Sometimes, your kid will need some time to find the inspiration to do the deed. Most of them won't be able to sit for that long, so you need to have an ace up your sleeve. Let them use toys, water, playdoh, let them do whatever it takes to stay sitting for a while. Some children feel afraid or disgusted when they see the potty. Playing around with it will make it seem more benevolent. 
If nothing happens even after waiting for a long time don't be disappointing. Even if accident happens a minute after she stood up from the potty, keep calm, don't sound irritated or yell. Don't be too supportive and laugh it off either. Show a mild disappointment and encouragement: "Ooh, nothing happened. That's too bad, but next time you'll do it rrright in the potty, isn't it so?".
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