Monday, 6 October 2014

Timing is crucial

Timing is crucial

You should choose the time to start concisework potty training carefully. It's impossible, understandably, to wait for the perfect conditions to get into constellation, but it will be a lot easier if you manage to squeeze into this list.

- Start in summer. It's warm then and she can walk freely in her undies. Also, if accident happen, it's unlikely that she'll catch a cold from being wet. 
- Pick the time when you are not too busy. If you must stay at work late, or have some other things to take care of which will be too time consuming, better postpone the whole deal for some other time.
- Make sure that you've passed through "no" or denial phase. Trying to learn anything when all you hear is "I won't" is pretty useless. 
- Also, having in mind that you'll need the nerves of steel, make sure that you don't pick the time when you feel stressed about something.

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